////Medistus Antivirus lozenges 10x

Medistus Antivirus lozenges 10x

Medistus® Antivirus lozenge


Natural health protection in case of increased risk of infection

Lozenges with natural active ingredients in fresh fruity taste, medical device

Physical protection against infection – lozenges in fresh fruity taste

The regular use of Medistus® Antivirus lozenges in times of increased risk of airways infections supports the protection from viruses and bacteria causing respiratory infections by creating a physical protection barrier on the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. The active substances of the Kistosyn® 200 extract coat the surface of the mouth and throat mucous membranes like a protective barrier. This helps repel viruses and bacteria before they get into the body. The Kistosyn® 200 active ingredient complex contains only natural, plant-based substances.

Medistus® Antivirus lozenges

  • act as a protective film
  • form a natural barrier
  • assist preventively and in the alleviation of infection
  • alleviate cough and dry cough

Areas of application:

  • To support by physical means the natural barrier function of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa against viruses and bacteria infecting the respiratory tract.
  • For the prevention of infectious and inflammatory airways diseases of viral and bacterial origin by physical (mechanical) barrier formation on the pharyngeal mucosa.
  • For the alleviation of cough and dry cough.
  • Also applicable at the first signs of scratching in the throat.


Active ingredient: Kistosyn® 200 extract
Presentation: 10 pcs / box
Best before: see on package
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Nutrin GmbH, Schnaid 36b, 91352 Hallerndorf
Distributor: VitaPlus Kft.



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