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VitaPlus Ltd.

VitaPlus Ltd. has been manufacturing, representing and distributing dietary supplements, medical devices, dietary nutritions for special medical purposes and cosmetics since 2004.

The company is Hungarian-owned, the owners and the management acquired considerable industrial experiences at national and multinational companies. The main area of our activity is the Hungarian market, but our products are directly or indirectly present in several countries of Europe and outside of Europe too. (ide kell, akkor majd, amit Judó kért).

We have a wide distribution across Hungary and we ensure a full coverage corresponding with the profile of the distributed products in the pharmacies, drogeries and food chains. We support the pharmacy sales with a dedicated team visiting the pharmacies on a daily basis. The tools and skills of the team permit to represent the products of other companies too. Accordingly we supported the launch and distribution of national and foreign products in the last years.

Our activity consists the whole spectrum regarding the product development and market launch. Applying our marketing know-how we are seeking out for the proper manufacturers with a developed product concept and ingredients to have our products produced. We also do care about the market launch and the necessary marketing support. We ensure the market presence and sales of our products with the highest professional diligence.

The main driving force of the company is innovation. We are assured that by continous product development and innovation we can enjoy the confidency of our customers. Regardless if it’s a represented or an own-branded product we always undertake products that comply with the current demands and customers’ expectations. Hence, our products contain the least additives, we don’t use artifical colours and flavours. The majority of our products are preservative-free. If the usage of preservatives is inevitable we only sell products in which the occuring preservatives are not havig any known side effects. We do the same approach in case of sweeteners too.

In case of our own-branded products we seek to find active ingredients and quantities that are based on professional studies.  If it’s necessary we collaborate with Hungarian research institutes, universities and clinics. The claims we use on our products are also based on professional literature and legal background, never raising any false expectation in our customers.
Next to innovation our other key strength is flexibility. Quick decision-making and adjusting to our partner’s needs characterizes our company. We respond to market trends in an excessively quick way and we are ready to adapt our organisations to the needs of our principals.
Accordingly we are always ready for new tasks and assignments, so we can represent the products of our partners succesfully.