Welcome to VitaPlus

VitaPlus Ltd. has been manufacturing, representing and distributing dietary supplements, medical devices, dietary nutritions for special medical purposes and cosmetics since 2004. The company is Hungarian-owned, the owners and the management acquired considerable industrial experiences in national and multinational companies. The main area of our activity is the Hungarian market, but our products are directly or indirectly present in several countries of Europe and outside of Europe too.

We have a wide distribution across Hungary and we ensure a full coverage corresponding with the profile of the distributed products in the pharmacies, drogeries and food chains.
We support the pharmacy sales with a dedicated team visiting the pharmacies on a daily basis.
The tools and skills of the team permit to represent the products of other companies too. Accordingly we supported the market launches and distribution of national and foreign products in the last years.

Featured products

In times of increased risk of airways infections its use can help the protection from viruses and bacteria by creating a physical protection barrier on the oral and pharyngeal mucosa.


The MagnExpress® Forte product – distributed by the Hungarian-owned company, VitaPlus Ltd. – won the renowned prize “Best New Product Award” on the Vitafoods™ Europe Exhibition in Geneva.


Multi Kid gummy vitamin is a food supplement with vitamins and minerals, containing 10 kinds of active ingredients.


About Medistus® Antivirus lozenge